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Bob Peacock
Walnut Creek CA Software Development/Business Owner Single 2012-07-13 22:25:46
I have lived in and around the Bay Area since high school. I own a company that produces web-based business software solutions. My passion has been playing electric guitar over the years and I continue to write and record music. Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
Robert Peacock
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CA Web Applications 2016-05-16 00:22:15
More fun than ever now ... :-) I went back to school when I was around 45. I took all the masters classes in multimedia, web coding, etc. The programming was easy for me since I was involved in that earlier ... Love it ... When I was in school, there were many calls coming in to hire all the students for web production. The web was just beginning. I worked for a number of the big high tech companies in the Bay Area and then started Neko Media Inc in 1999. The business is busier than ever now. With this type of business I can work from home, play guitar and NOT commute. woooo hoooo
Merry Morris (Pelletier)
July 01, 1950 Clayton CA Finance Manager Married 3 2012-07-14 21:58:52
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Eric (Rick/Preston) Peterson
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Napa CA Mobile Wine Botter Divorced 2013-07-04 13:38:12
Looking forward to seeing you.  Thank you to those who are making this possible.  If I can help with this please let me know.  Formerly Rick, Pressy to the girls on yearbook and now Eric.  See you soon.
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Diane Mason (Pfaeffle)
March 22, 1950 Deer Park WA US Married 2012-07-14 02:22:36
What a surprise to find this website.  WOW!  Richard and I are settled in Deer Park, WA about 30 miles north of Spokane.  Have been married for 40 years this July(2012).  We have lived in New York, Chicago and now here in Deer Park for the last 10 years.  Richard is retired, sadly I am not - but my day will come.
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DaLinda Correia (Plagmann)
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May 01, 1950 Lebanon Oregon USA Owner - Custom Cabinet Shop Committed Relationship 1 2012-08-06 12:34:03
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William Price
Lafayette California USA Chevron Retiree Married 2012-08-06 12:40:52
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Clay Prout
August 07, 1950 Grand Junction Colorado U. S. A. Aviation Interior Specialist Married 1 2012-07-13 22:26:24
   What a blast rambling through this e-Yearbook!  I'm surprised and pleased to discover such vivid memories of so many of you.  I am married to a fabulous woman and we have an awesome son who just turned 8.  Also; 2 great dogs, 2 cats and 2 tortoises.

   In 2001,  I earned my MBA from the University of Southern Colorado and moved our family to Colorado's  Western Slope.  I closed my upholstery business of 25 years and joined a big outfit that services corporate and private jet aircraft exclusively.

     My main job, though, is DAD.  I coach youth baseball and am a Cubscoutmaster.  We all love to camp & rockhound, hike & bike, study & play, love & learn together.
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Linda Swanson (Read)
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July 31, 1950 Roseburg OR USA Retired Mortgage Loan Speciaist Married 4 2012-08-07 16:18:16
I went to Del Valle from 1964-1967.  I would have graduated with all of you in 1968 had my parents not moved us to Lake Berryessa for my last year of high school. I had to graduate at Winters Union High School. I have 2 children and inherited 2 more with my second marriage.  We have 5 grandchildren and 1 due in 2013.  We also have 3 great grandchildren, I know it's crazy.  We now live in Oregon and I love it here. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Bob Reid
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San Juan Bautista CA USA Musician/Horse Trainer Divorced 10 2012-08-06 12:25:53
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Mark A. (Richards)
Dixon CA US Forced Retirement: 100% Combat Disabled Married 2013-03-20 23:09:23
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Dana Riffe
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Profile picture
Hixson TN Business Owner - Software Development Married 2 2012-07-13 21:05:04
40 years! I guess I better make it back for this one, since I missed all of the other reunions. I look foward to swapping all the tales as well as the lies about what we have done with our lives. Besides, we all need to get together before Mark Hull's 'travel agency' books our final ticket. 

Hey Ritch and Tallye, are you going?
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Norm Rominger
Concord CA USA Contractor Married 1 2012-08-06 13:19:29
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Jeannine Rouse
Concord Ca. U. S. homemaker/ actress/ P. I. Committed Relationship 1 2012-08-06 12:30:21
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Patricia Kliewer (Roybal)
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December 05, 1950 Challis ID USA Married 4 2012-07-13 21:11:33
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Mary Shellenberg (Sale)
November 16, 1950 Tucker GA Teacher Married 2 2013-06-29 09:08:42
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Win Sale
Tucker GA Professor Married 2 2012-08-06 12:25:53
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Jody Borges (Salmon)
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May 01, 1950 Railroad Flat CA US Retired Records Manager Married 2 2013-07-11 14:57:16
I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 43 years this year, we have 2 sons, James 43 and Ed 41. Ed is married with3children and James is married, with 2 children from a previous marriage. My grandkids are my pride and joy, Andrea is 18, in college studing to be a RN/Midwife,  Eddie is 16,and Joey is 5, they live in Antioch so we seem them often. James has 2 boys, Jerald, 22 and Billy, 19 who live in Utah.I was employed by Chevron in Concord for 19 years, taking early retirement when they were downsizing and offering really good severence packages...took the money and ran!! Ed, my husband, also was able to reire early from the Teamsters, so we sold our home in Concord and moved here to God's country in Calaveras County,home of the famous Frog Jumps,  where we are very happy on our 10 acres with our 2 dogs, Coco and Bullseye, chickens, and two pigmy goats Ingrid and Kaylee.We spend our days gardening, canning the vegi's and fruit we reap, hunting, fishing, and enjoying nature with our kids. I am looking forward to seeing all my high school pals in August, having missed our last reunion because of illness...
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Don Sargent
May 04, 1950 Castro Valley CA Retired Teacher Committed Relationship 2 2016-05-17 18:56:32
    Graduated Sacramento State in 1973 and went on to several careers from merchandising representative to Gourmet food importer and distributer, to corporate relocations specialist. In 2002, at 52+ years of age, I went back to school and earned two teaching credentials, one in Social sciences and the other in Special Education. Taught in the Bay Area until I retired in June of 2014. 
   I have two daughters that still reside in the Bay Area and have successfull careers. Kate, the eldest is head of Humane Relations for Vanity Fair Outdoors, is married and I am expecting my first grand child in July 2016. My youngest, Mollie, is in a committed relationship and works in designing software programs for a medical robotics company.
   Retirement is an adventure and I leave soon for some charity work in Nicaragua.
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Mark Sarty
February 09, 1949 CA US Steel Estimator/retired Committed Relationship 2 2012-07-14 01:09:41
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Marc Schirato
Walnut Creek CA USA Retired Married 2 2012-08-06 12:28:34
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Sharon O'Neill (Scott)
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Fresno CA US Graphic Designer, retired Committed Relationship 2 2016-05-17 20:55:34
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Sally Sehring
Mill Valley CA Retired Married 2 2013-06-30 17:14:01
Married to Bill Gonda for 31 years proving that good things can last.  Our kids are doing well; son and daughter-in-law are teaching at Syracuse University; our daughter is farming, spinning wool and making cheese in Washington state.
 I retired last year from the faculty at UCSF and am enjoying exploring my inner gardener, knitting and reading.
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Susan Shalit
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San Francisco CA US lawyer Committed Relationship 1 2013-07-24 15:38:41
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Susan Shalit (Law Offices of S. Shalit)
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San Francisco CA Attorney Committed Relationship 1 2012-08-06 12:40:52
sorry-wont make it - i'm the one on the right Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Robert Shelby
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August 11, 1950 Boulder Creek CA usa scientist Married 4 2012-07-14 22:25:39
Thanks to the organizers/motivators for doing this.  I think this is about the best time of life for a reunion... a bunch of people with a lot in common who have a whole lot of catching up to do, with not much left to prove.  I really want to come.  My big family campout is traditionally the first week in August, but I'm hopeful we can cope somehow.  Best to you all, and to the ones that are making this happen especially. Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
Patti Carpenter (Sheldon)
Kingston Washington USA Married 5 2012-08-06 12:25:53
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PATTI Carpenter (Sheldon)
June 06, 1950 Kingsto WA US Preschool Director Married 5 2017-09-16 23:59:20
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Joy Stirton (Shonfeld)
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April 16, 1950 Danville CA USA Project Manager & Estimator for a Mechanical Contractor Married 2 2012-08-06 12:26:03
I've been married for the second time around for 15 years.  I have three grand kids.  Two boys and a girl.  My husband, Rich and I enjoy a number of activities and it keeps us on the go quite a bit.  I have been working in Mechanical Construction for about 20 years.  I currently work in Napa, CA.  Send Joy a MessageSend Joy a Message
deb simonds
October 22, 1950 Cazadero CA US retired registered nurse Married 2017-03-30 11:37:39
My husband John and I live way out in the beautiful hills inland from Fort Ross/Timber Cove north of the Russian River.  I am really enjoying retirement.  I have my own mosaic studio where I create odd things.  Very fun.  We bought a travel trailer so we can travel with our two blue heelers. 
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Lu Soria
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Pleasanton CA Communication Technician Single 1 2012-08-06 13:25:30
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Cathy Runion (Steiner)
St. Francisville Louisiana USA CEO private rehab facility; Scientologist Married 2012-08-06 12:25:54
My husband (Tom Steiner Del Valle Class of 69) and I  have had 37 wonderfully fulfilling years together pursuing our goals of working toward leaving this planet in better shape than when we entered it.  Send Cathy a MessageSend Cathy a Message
Bronwen Heuer (Stern)
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Lexington Software Trainer Married 1 2012-08-06 13:19:29
Hi All, 
I love the reunion planning photos!  You guys are great and having a good time too.  I finally uploaded a picture of me and my family.  I became a mother at the age of44!  Our daughter is adopted from Russia.  Her name?  Bronwen!   I am looking forward to seeing you all!  Love from the East...bronwen  (brownie...yes!  I finally grew out of my nickname). 
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Bronwen Heuer (Stern)
May 27, 1951 Lexington MA US software trainer Married 1 2013-07-08 04:49:48
Bio:  From Lafayette, I went first to Tacoma, WA and then Irvine, CA for college.  I followed love to Long Island, NY in 1974 and in the process my passion for Spanish and literature only got me jobs in computing.  I did get a leave of absence to live in Bogota Colombia for a year, teaching English as a Second Language.  Motherhood took me first to Moscow to adopt a little girl, and Massachusetts to be a family.  There we are today. 
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Nancy Cony (Stinson)
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Denver CO Ret. Married 2 2012-08-06 12:27:13
After hopping around the planet, my husband and I are semi-retired in Denver. I should be at the reunion and am looking forward to catching up. Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Lori Haile (Sunderland)
Pleasanton CA Special education teacher Divorced 1 2012-08-06 12:25:51
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Christine Eckart (Szybalski)
February 15, 1950 Moraga CA US extreme gardener Married 1 2012-07-14 01:53:47
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Steven Tomlinson
April 10, 1950 Somerset CA US Operations Manager/Natural Gas Plant & Owner of a Property Management business Married 11 2012-07-13 23:42:47

  My wife Julie and I met in 1970 and married in 1972. With 6 sons , 5 daughters, 13 grand children our life is full indeed, but I have always had room  in my life for memories of our time together. Though some of us are now gone, I am grateful to have had them in such a important time in my life, and yes Clay I will see you in Heaven when I am called home, and what a reunion all of us will have then! Keep a song in your hearts untill then.                                                                     

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Kathie Saylor (Tompkins)
June 13, 1950 Cupertino CA Operations, Electronic Arts Married 2 2013-06-13 11:52:13
I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Thanks to the Reunion Committee for all of your hard work!
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Deborah Jones (Toohey)
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May 14, 1950 Loomis CA USA Swim School owner Married 2 2015-12-31 02:58:34
I married Brennan Toohey on September 27, 1969 and have been married for 46 years. We lived in San Ramon with our two children until August 1989 when we moved to the country in Loomis, near Folsom Lake. My son Ryan is 41 years old and has a son age 13 and my daughter Monica is 38 years and has a daughter 13 years old and live locally.
I juggle two careers. One career is  imagePathways Creative Arts Studio in Newcastle . My passion is to bring creative process to all ages. I offer a creative arts program for both children and adults. I also work with individual clients and use art, image, creative process, EMDR and Sandplay to facilitate emotional healing. In my spare time I love to spend time with my grandchildren, garden, read and create my own art. 

During the summer months I own and operate Wallypogs Swim School and have done so for 22 swim seasons.  Wallypogs specialize in Survival Back Float, a drowning prevention approach to swimming for infants and toddlers. 
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Peggy Tratt (Tratt Maher)
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Roseville CA USA retired Widowed 1 2016-01-03 23:05:05
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Jim Trezona
Coburg Oregon USA Maintenance at University of Oregon Married 2 2012-08-06 12:25:54

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Misty Richards (Tucey)
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Sacramento CA usa Regional Pricing Supervisor Widowed 3 2012-08-06 12:40:53
Sheri, thank you for all your hard work. Mark,(not my brother) for the phone call. Not fair that you haven't aged and have a full head of hair.
Not sure if I will make it or not but know everyone will have a awesome time. 
Thanks to my brother Mark for being the Angel in my life.
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Margaret Oxsen (Vonk)
July 02, 1950 Santa Rosa CA USA Homemaker Married 3 2013-04-06 14:28:23
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Pepe' (Joseph) Perez Joseph (Walker (Perez))
October 20, 1949 Roseville CA US Retired Married 3 2017-04-18 03:58:57
I actually left Del Valle HS toward the end of my sophmore year, as my mother moved the family to Napa to be with my Grandparents and we were eventually all involved in building the first public golf course in Napa. Graduate Napa Senior High in 1968 after recovering from serious auto accident inthe summer of '67.  Eventually went to school and Sac State uiniversity.  Got a job with the state and retired in 2008. Three kids all doing well, married since 1970. I'll post photos when I find some. Send Pepe' (Joseph) a MessageSend Pepe' (Joseph) a Message
Samuel Weber
October 16, 1950 San Francisco CA United States Dancer/Choreographer/Dance teacher Divorced 1 2012-07-13 21:12:40

I really wish I could be there!  I guess I'll have to wait for the 45th or the 50th!  


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Mark Werum
Profile picture
Woodland ca usa Big O Tires Married 3 2012-08-06 12:26:03
Working on retirement - 4 grandkids and 2 on the way. Rotarian - Gideon - Mandolin maker - bluegrass fan Send Mark a MessageSend Mark a Message
John-Richard Whitman
August 16, 1950 New York NY US Publisher Married 2013-04-02 12:45:46
After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Communications and Public Policy, I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to complete the Radcliffe Publishing Program at Harvard University.  In 1979, after working at a Boston publishing house for a period of time, I accepted a position as Publisher of two subsidiaries of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers in New York City.  I went on to be the Director of Operations for a book development house.  In 1996, I founded a publishing house that specialized in children's picture books.  In November of 2002, I was elected to represent all of the small and independent publishers in America on the Board of Directors of the Association of American Publishers.  Re-elected, I continued to serve on the Board until March 2011, when I retired from a long and happy career in publishing.  "Retirement" has consisted of going back to school (New York University) to study arts administration and museum management.  It seems hard to believe that forty-five years have gone by since we all sat in class together at Del Valle.  Best wishes to everyone!  
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Wendy Wilkes
Ann Arbor MI USA Married 2 2012-08-06 12:29:23
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Marianne Tharsing (Willard)
Red Bluff CA USA retired teacher/rancher Married 4 2012-08-06 12:25:54
Looking forward to seeing everyone!  I just retired but am very busy with our farm/ranch, our 15 year old daughter, and substituting at Red Bluff High (so far only had 3 days off).  Don't feel "retired" yet!  Our oldest son (turning 30 soon) and wife just had their first child, a girl, so we've been to So Cal 4 times in the past 5 months to visit them.  Of course, she is beautiful and smart, etc (not prejudiced at all). Send Marianne a MessageSend Marianne a Message
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